CHiPs Europe Rules

1. Spamming

no advertising, no posts without any sense.

2. Keep it clean

no pornographic posts, racistic posts. ?f we find some, the admin will delete them and ban the member who posted it.

3. Respect

The 3 responsible admin and their helpers do all to make CHiPs Europe look professional and awesome. We appreciate constructive criticism but show respect and stick to facts. We know we can?t satisfy all fans and you can talk to us about your worries - on an adequate niveau !

4. Services

CHiPs Europe offers some services voluntarily for the fans e.g. our sharing service for CHiPs episodes. No one is to be right on this services, we do all to help the fans but if we can?t help in some cases please be insightfully.


The downloads are properties of their organisators. CHiPs Europe will delete them immidiatly if the organiator summons us to do.

6. Fun

Crabbers and people who are always in a bad mood have no chance on CHiPs Europe. Of course we have an open ear for the fans. For the English speaking fans we created an English Section and an English forum. And soon we can offer a French Section.


We don?t forbear members who are mean to other ones because they have another opinion or don?t like a CHiPs part/actor/staff as they should for the others.

We ask to stay polite and professional and write postings with sense.

7a Fans

CHiPs Europe isn?t an exclusive Jon and Ponch fansite. Fans from all actors/staff are very welcome here and are gladly seen and will be treated equal as the other members. We take care for the CHiPs actors who don?t get much attention. We don?t forget them.

This list will be updated when it?s needed.