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CHiPs Theme Midi (11.8 kB)
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CHiPs Theme WAV (797 kB)
CHiPs Theme RA (end credits) (179 kB)



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Season 1


Crack Up
Jon slams into a sportscar.

Filesize: 15.2 MB

Hitch Hiking Hitch
Truck without brakes...

Filesize: 25.8 MB

Hitch Hiking Hitch
Sgt.Getraer gives a citation to a very big and strong guy.

Bestandsgrootte: 30.3 MB


Season 2

Satan's Angels
Bonnie tries to arrest a motorgang...

Filesize: 19.6 MB

Peaks And Valleys
Jon is very edgy today.

Filesize: 4.24 MB

Rally 'Round The Bank
Ponch's mom is visiting.

Filesize: 18.1 MB

Greatest Adventures of CHiPs
Exclusive low quality clip
Remark: This is a MPEG file and the sound is unfortunately not in synch with the picture.


Season 3

No clips available yet.

Season 4

Baricza's fight.

Filesize: 7.16 MB

11-99 Officer needs help
Grossie and his stupid dog 'accident'.

Filesize: 13.1 MB

New Guy in Town
Jon gets hit by a van.

Filesize: 7.27 MB


Season 5

Breaking Point
Ponch on a night out with his sister Patti.

Filesize: 4.95 MB

Jon & Ponch 4 year partnership + End Credits

Filesize: 13.0 MB


Season 6

Brat Patrol
Ponch slams into a van.

Filesize: 4.77 MB

Head Over Heels
Ponch's fianc? dies + end credits
Spoken language: German.
Filesize: 8.99 MB
Speedway Fever
Ponch and Bobby pay Bruce a little visit.

Filesize: 32.6 MB

Rock Devil Rock
Ponch and Bobby are escorting rocksinger Moloch home after his concert.

Filesize: 54.5 MB


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