Season One

  1. The Pilot
  2. Undertow
  3. Dog Gone
  4. Moving Violation
  5. Career Day
  6. Baby Food
  7. Taking Its Toll
  8. Green Thumb Burglar
  9. Hustle
  10. Highway Robbery
  11. Name Your Price
  1. Aweigh We Go
  2. One Two Many
  3. Rustling
  4. Surfs Up
  5. Vintage 54
  6. Hitch-Hiking Hitch
  7. Cry Wolf
  8. Crash Diet
  9. Rainy Day
  10. Crack Up
  11. Flashback!


01."Pilot" episode - 15 September 1977.

Guest Appearances:
Jonathan Baker .... Little Boy on Bike
Brooke Bundy .... Carol
Michael Christian .... Jerry
Darlene Duralia .... Sherri
Hoke Howell .... Tex
Tommy J. Huff .... Mike (as Thomas Huff)
Paul Mantee .... Eddie
Mary Moon .... CHP Clerk
Eric Server .... Greg
Phillip Simms .... Van Driver

The thieves who steal luxery cars in a moving van. Ponch tries to arrest a guy who caused a car accident Jon is about to make this young driver pull over. After falling in a pool of glue, Ponch has to pull off a ticket from his pants.

Thieves are stealing luxury cars by using moving vans.

Ponch gets a speech from Sgt. Getraer for messing up his bike again.

A guy on motorcycle causes a red volkswagen to swerve over the side and flip over. Inside a woman is hurt and trapped.

Nice scene: Ponch and his sticky ticket.

02. Undertow - 22 September 1977.

Guest Appearances:
Bettye Ackerman .... Mrs. Burgess
Jim Backus .... Weitzman
Reb Brown .... Brouillette
William Gray Espy .... Vinnie (as William Espy)
Dolores Mann .... Jag Lady
Barney McFadden .... DeVito

The lady that got robbed by the tow truck driver. Dangerous chemicals spilled on the highway. A drunk driver has to perform some tests for Ponch. Ponch and Jon spotting the tow truck driver when talking to a man and his talking bird.

A woman gets robbed by a tow truck driver and then he causes an accident.

A chemical substance is spilled on the highway.

Ponch gets intoxicated by the stuff. Jon has to get him to a hospital but Ponch is not very co?perative.

03. Dog Gone - 29 September 1977.

Guest Appearances:
Bill Adler .... Boots
James Crittenden .... Little John
Jeffrey Druce .... Zero
William Lanteau .... Rogovia
Joanne Linville .... Mrs. Hirsh
Ron Prince .... Barnes

 The runaway dog. Jon helping a driver pull over who's frozen in fear. Jon and Ponch helping a heart attack victim. Jon taking a fall off his bike after it's been sabotaged.

A runaway dog causes an accident on the freeway. Jon and Ponch are taking it to Central.

A guy on his motor has frozen up with fear on the freeway and needs to be stopped.

Jon's motorbike, by mistake, gets sabotaged.

A woman and her husband are speeding down the highway, the husband is having a heart attack.

04. Moving Violation - 13 October 1977.

Guest Appearances:
Catherine Ferrar .... Brenda
Roosevelt Grier .... Car Killer
Fawne Harriman .... Mrs. Karantz
James Nicholas .... Snake Thief
Harvey Parry .... Andy Parker

 The plane trying to land on the freeway. Ponch and Jon finding the stolen bus.  The guy tearing his car apart after getting a ticket for speeding.  Ponch (in disguise) and Jon at traffic school.

A plane makes an emergency landing on the freeway.

A bus is stolen by an old man.

Jon has to make an accident call.

Ponch gets a ticket and needs to go to the drivingschool.

A guy starts ripping up his car after Ponch writes him a ticket for speeding.

05. Career Day - 20 October 1977.

Guest Appearances:
Jerry Ayres .... Burglar
Philip Boyer .... Mikie
Charles Cooper .... Trucker
Richard Deacon .... Singleton
Cynthia Harrison .... Ginger
Bebe Kelly .... Ms. Burglar
David Man .... Rudolph
Victoria Peters .... Clara
R.B. Sorko-Ram .... Shain

The coffin getting dumped on the street. Ponch writing out a ticket to his old high school principal. Jon telling some models to pack it up. Ponch telling about his career with the CHP at his old high school.

A speeding hearse dumps a coffin in the street.

Old high school principal, Mr Singleton, is getting a ticket from his former student,now officer, Poncherello.

Models on the side of the highway are causing a traffic jam.

A little boy is lost.

Ponch gets to ride in a helicopter when his bike is in the garage for repairments.

06. Baby Food - 27 October 1977.

Guest Appearances:
Marjorie Bennett .... Mrs. Downey
Reb Brown .... Brouillette
Barbara Brownell .... Nancy
Harvey J. Goldenberg .... Davis
Don Maxwell .... Pickup Driver
Joe Nicassio .... Young Man (as Joeal Nicassio)
Noelle North .... Young Woman
Jenny Sherman .... Melinda

The truck loosing his load of babyfood. The old lady Mrs. Downing. Ponch getting his uniform dirty once again. Jon strapping up the sick baby to take to the ambulance.

A truck loses his load of toxic baby food on the highway.

A gypsy couple with a baby pick up stuff, they find lying around the freeway. A box of toxic babyfood included.

Ponch is crazy about his neighbour Melinda.

On the highway, a man is trying to open the hood of his burning car....

07. Taking Its Toll - 3 November 1977.

Guest Appearances:
Victor Arnold .... Zografides
Thomas Babson .... Biker (as Thomas W. Babson)
Marjorie Bennett .... Mrs. Downey
Joseph Della Sorte .... Jewelry Salesman
Louis Guss .... Chauffeur
Lee McLaughlin .... Onion Driver
Jeri Lea Ray .... Webb
R.B. Sorko-Ram .... Shain
Gerald York .... Reporter

Ponch questioning the man that's been robbed at the tollbooth. Jon is writing in his little notebook. The crashed truck with his load of onions spilled all over the road. Jon and Ponch arresting the chauffeur with the bomb in his limo.

A man with expensive jewelry in his car, is waiting at the tollbooth when suddenly two thieves grab his suitcase and take off. Jon follows them while Ponch stays behind to questionize the victim.

A truck with a load of onions has crashed and now the road is filled with onions.

A limo is crashed, it has a time bomb on it's back seat.

Jon is writing a book about Ponchs funny accidents.

08. Green Thumb Burglar - 10 November 1977.

Guest Appearances:
Dana Baker .... Georgia
Joe Lo Presti .... Louie
Jim B. Smith .... Fireman
R.B. Sorko-Ram .... Shain
Jackie Vernon .... Bert
Lennie Weinrib .... H.R. Pufnstuf (voice)
Bill Zuckert .... Attila

Jon and Ponch are trying to separate the two guys that were trying to run each other off the road. The psychic twin. Ponch walking through the foam that was used to put out the burning truck. The shrub burglars at work.

Two cars are trying to run each other off the road.

Some "Green Thumb Burglars" are stealing plants and bushes along the highway.

A psychic twin is getting a ticket for driving through a stop sign.

A traffic flare sets a truck on fire as it rides by leaking fuel.

09. Hustle - 24 November 1977.

Guest Appearances:
Reb Brown .... Brouillette
Broderick Crawford .... Himself (uncredited)
Marty Ingels .... Sidney
Hubert No?l .... Citroen Driver
Kay Peters .... Judge Linda
Yuki Shimoda .... Mr. Wee
Sandra Will .... Sheila

These thieves have just robbed this supermarket. The famous actor Broderick Crawford Jon trying to keep this woman from being electrocuted by pushing her back inside her car. Jon is about to let this guy pull over because he's driving a car with only 3 wheels.

Thieves, wearing black helmets, are robbing supermarkets.

The guys pull over a driver which happen to be the famous actor Broderick Crawford.

When a car is crashed, a woman and her baby tries to get out but needs to be pushed back or she's ll be electrocuted.

10. Highway Robbery - 1 December 1977.

Guest Appearances:
James Beach .... Mrs. Sweeney
Florence Halop .... Mrs. Abel
Jeff Harlan .... Jay
Hoke Howell .... York
Vito Scotti .... Emilio
Lorna Thayer .... Matron
David Wilson .... Leo Morrison

This motorcycle thief is about to steal a purse from a woman sitting in a car up ahead. A picture of the suntan lotion model hangs in Ponch's locker. A circus elephant performs tricks during a traffic jam and ends up sitting on Baricza's carhood. This guy is showing all of his police radar tracking devices to Jon and Ponch.

A thief on a motorcycle is stealing stuff from people sitting in their cars waiting, during a traffic jam.

A circus caravan holds up traffic when their truck brakes down.

Ponch is in love with a suntan lotion model but doesn't know the girl is only 14...

11. Name Your Price - 8 December 1977.

Guest Appearances:
Jaime Lyn Bauer .... Carey
Tom Hallick .... Bob
Rhonda Leigh Hopkins .... Tracy (as Rhonda Hopkins)
Jack Knight .... Emcee
Ruth Kobart .... Millie
Pearl Shear .... Sylvia

Our CHP guys randoming up some chickens that escaped from a crashed truck. A diabetic is trapped in his car when he got run off the road by a Porche. This kid's dog has fallen asleep in the middle of the road and won't be moved. Ponch as a contestant at Name Your Price.  Sadly he doesn't win the Kawasaki Z1R.

Rolls Royces are being stolen.

Grossie, Baricza, Jon and Ponch are catching chickens which have escaped out of a crashed truck.

Ponch is contestant in the gameshow 'Name Your Price'.

A car is run off the road by a Porche, inside a man is trapped who happens to be diabetic...

12. Aweigh We Go - 22 December 1977.

Guest Appearances:
Zina Bethune .... Mother
Janet Brandt .... Sylvia
Bruce Glover .... Sergeant Vogt
Richard Karron .... Fred
Ric Mancini .... Vince
Gerald McRaney .... Derrick
Sean Morgan .... Sven
Marie Reynolds .... Lucy
Tony Russel .... Eduardo
Paula Victor .... Esther


Ladies at the hair salon are upset and in panic when the boat crashes into the place. Jon and Ponch at the weigh station. A trucker is double checking his load when suddenly a strap cuts loose. This woman and her little girl are trapped in their car that's hanging over a cliff.

A car pulling a trailer with a boat on swerves to avoid an oncoming car and smashes into a hair salon.

Ponch has his mind set on buying the boat together with Jon.

Being short on personnel, Jon and Ponch are assigned to the weigh station

A car has gone over a cliff with inside a woman and her little girl.

13. One Two Many - 5 January 1978.

Guest Appearances:
George Brenlin .... Shorty
Rick Garcia .... Ned
Thomas A. Geas .... Mike
Terence O. Goodman .... Groom (as Terence Goodman)
M.G. Kelly .... Policeman
Virginia Paris .... Carmen (as Gina Alvarado)
R.B. Sorko-Ram .... Shain
Trish Stewart .... Jobina
Randy Stumpf .... Ric
William Whitaker .... C.H.P. look-a-like
Tom Williams .... Gilmore


The fake CHP officer who takes off when this man is calling for help for his wife who is about to give birth. This guy took off when pulled over by Sergeant Getraer and spat in his face when he was finally caught. The train blocking traffic. The mechanic telling our guys, that Ponch's motorhome still isn't fixed.

A fake CHP officer wearing a blonde baton like Jon, makes rude and suggestive offers to lady drivers after he pulls them over.

Getraer pulls a car over and when he tries to make contact with the driver, the guy takes off.

Jon is upset for being mistaken for the fake CHP officer.

A train is blocking traffic.

Ponch's motorhome is in the garage and is allowed to sleep over at Jon's place until it's fixed.

14. Rustling - 12 January 1978.

Guest Appearances:
G.W. Bailey .... Drunk Driver
Carl Ballantine .... Stevens
Fred Beir
Pamelyn Ferdin .... Susie
Chris Forbes .... Assistant D.A
Alice Ghostley .... Mamie
L.Q. Jones .... Hoskins
Kirk Mee
Kay Peters
Paul Tuerpe
Mills Watson .... Ambrose


This man was arrested by Jon & Ponch for reckless driving but filed a complaint and took the case to court. Cattle running loose over the road and are gather up with the help of the CHP. The magician showing his tricks to Ponch. Jon comforting the girl he just pulled out of her crashed car.

Thinking that it is Jon's birthday soon, Ponch plans a surprise birthday party for him.

A cattle owner is stealing his own cattle in order to rip off the assurance agency.

A magician is showing some tricks when he and his daughter are pulled over for running through a red light.

A young girl is trapped in her car when a drunk driver runs her off the road.

15. Surfs Up - 19 January 1978.

Guest Appearances:
Leslie Ackerman .... Mindy
Panchito G?mez .... Robert
Harvey Lembeck .... Truck Driver
Nancy Morgan
Fran Ryan .... Lady Driver
Michael Stearns
Nancy Stephens .... Young Mother
Michael Swan .... Ed
Sondra Theodore .... Marsha
Ray Underwood .... Terry


The 3 wheeler motorbike speeding by Jon and Ponch. The young boy having to answer to Ponch about the flowers and tape deck he's carrying. Jon helping this man out with cleaning up all the champagne that fell off his crashed truck. The thief in the stolen car unaware of the baby lying in the backseat.

A speeding 3 wheeler motorbike goes past Jon and Ponch, who give chase.

Jon and Ponch get send to Malibu when they ask for a change of scenery.

3 blokes are car stripping in Malibu.

16. Vintage '54 - 26 January 1978.

Guest Appearances:
Marc Alaimo .... Bix
Jed Allan .... Jason (as Jed Allen)
Marjorie Bennett .... Mrs. Downey
Ellen Geer .... Martha
Jim Goodwin .... Van Driver
Laurence Haddon .... Onlooker
Aldine King .... Gilbert
Jennifer McAllister .... Ellen
Tom Pedi .... Bruno
Nick Pellegrino .... Kevin
Jeri Lea Ray .... Webb
Lisa Blake Richards .... Foster Parent
Tanya Russell .... Sky Diver
Pepe Serna .... Danny


Jon and Ponch checking out the left behind baby. The sky diver coming to and realizing what situation she is in. This dumpster is about to come loose and run freely over the freeway. Mrs Downey on her way to tell Getraer her car has been stolen.

A baby is left behind on a parking area.

A female sky diver nearly lands on the highway when her parachute is stuck on the bridge above.

Mrs Downeys car has been stolen.

A dumspter gets unhitched from its garbage van and runs freely down the freeway.

17. Hitch-Hiking Hitch - 9 February 1978.

Guest Appearances:
Daniel Benton .... Mike
Katherine Cannon .... Mary Kate
George Chandler .... Elmer
Linda Dano .... Eloise
Ben Davidson .... Wrestler
Lark Geib .... Jenny
Bridget Hanley .... Photographer
Sander Johnson .... Brad
Stacy Nelkin .... Marge (as Stacey Nelkin)
Joseph Perry .... House Mover
Chad States .... Skipper


Two young girls are hitch hiking on the freeway. A wind sufer loosing control of his vehicle when one of his straps snaps. The daughter and his husband trying to get her father out of his home that they are trying to move. The trucker loosing his brakes when a car swerves right in front of him.

A wind surfer looses control and runs down the highway.

Two young girls are hitch hiking on the same highway.

At Central a female photographer is taking snaps of Getraer for the CHP magazine.

18. Cry Wolf - 16 February 1978.

Guest Appearances:
Charlene Dallas .... Ruth
Brad David .... Walt
Melinda O. Fee .... Sarah (as Melinda Fee)
Kathryn Holcomb .... Karen Rayburn
Alyscia Maxwell .... Kathy
Gregg Palmer .... Walter
Robbie Rist .... Jeff
David Staller .... Caller
Ellen Travolta .... Helen


The hoaxer planning another fake call. Ponch giving Jon a hand after he had a nasty slip with his bike. The crashed helicopter exploding. Moving an abandoned vehicle, Ponch finds himself trapped in the car with a boa constrictor wrapped around his leg.

A man is making hoax emergency calls.

Jon has a nasty fall from his bike slipping on a watery highway and hurts his elbow.

Moving an abandoned vehicle, Ponch finds himself trapped in the car with a boa constrictor wrapped around his leg.

19. Crash Diet - 23 February 1978.

Guest Appearances:
Don 'Red' Barry .... Truck Driver
Steve Franken .... Student Driver
Robert Lussier .... Coach
John Milford .... Doctor
Herman Poppe .... Leonard
Deborah Pratt .... Carol
Crystin Sinclaire .... Linda
Nita Talbot .... Driving Instructor


Ponch gets dirt trown on his bike from a mad man. The naked girl accidentally dropping a piece of clothing out of their van's window. The truck driver trying to open up his rig that's on fire.  Not very clever. This student driver is about to panic when the mad man appears and throws dirt on their car.

A man is throwing dirt on cars passing by on the highway.

Jon and Ponch chase a speeding van with inside a female volley ball team.

Getraer puts everyone on a diet. 1000 pounds is to be lost by the CHP.

A truck is about to blow up when he sees that his rig is on fire.

20. Rainy Day - 2 March 1978.

Guest Appearances:
Julie Cobb .... Juliet
Mary Cross .... Doctor
Herb Edelman .... Sanders
Cliff 'Fatty' Emmich .... Ned (as Cliff Emmich)
Tara Fields .... Victim #2
Ava Lazar .... Hostess
Dan Magiera .... Cyclist
Jacqueline Scott .... Ethyl
Johnny Seven .... Dawson
David Spielberg .... Herb


A car looses control and swerves into this school bus. A man using a umbrella because his window wipers are broke. The man that got thrown out of the gambling camper. A motorcyclist telling this woman there is a problem with her tyre while the other guy gets in her car and steals it.

Jon and Ponch are to patrol in a police cruiser as it's raining hard.

A man gets thrown out of a gambling camper.

Another man is driving down the highway, holding an umbrella out the window.

A schoolteacher is allowed to take her little students to Central where they'll be giving a tour by Ponch.

21. Crack Up - 9 March 1978.

Guest Appearances:
Joey Aresco .... Niles
Robin Braxton .... Mother
Phyllis Diller .... Wanda
Danny Goldman .... Doctor Bosca
Marc Lawrence .... Co-Driver
Phillip Pine .... Dr. Ansgar
Harry Rhodes .... Father
Gary Sandy .... Ray
Linda Thompson .... Chrissy

The two racing cars on the freeway. As one of the two cars turns the corner he blocks of the road with his car, as Jon comes round the corner he smashes into the car. Ponch's checking Jon out. Grossie getting knocked off his bike by a chain that swings from a truck driven by the same driver that got Jon injured. Jon arresting the man.

Jon and Grossie are hurt giving chase to a speeding Trans Am.

They both end up in the hospital.

Ponch is teamed up with Getraer untill Jon is fully recovered and out of the hospital.

22. Flashback ! - 1 April 1978.

Guest Appearances:
Meridith Baer .... Mindy
Maggie Cooper .... 2nd Woman in Car
Agneta Eckemyr .... 1st Woman in Car
John Furey .... Sonny
Chester Grimes .... Rex
Jon Linton .... Artie
Edward James Olmos .... Henry
Joe Penny .... Brent
Robert Sampson .... Atchinson

The rookie Brent Delaney. A man being pulled over with a dangerous hitch hiker. 2 young girls accidentally driving into a swimming pool. One of the gang dudes trying to get away on a stolen police motorcycle.

A rookie, Brent Delaney, fresh out of motorschool is not very liked by his fellow patrolmen.

2 men are steeling police motorbikes.

A man being pulled over with a dangerous hitch hiker.

2 young girls accidentally drive into a swimming pool.