Season Two

23. Peaks and Valleys
24. The Volunteers
25. Family Crisis
26. Disaster Squad
27. Neighbourhood Watch
28. Trick or Treat
29. High Flyer
30. The Grudge
31. The Sheik
32. Return of The Turks
33. Supercycle
34. High Explosive
35. Down Time
36. Repo Man
37. Mait Team
38. Pressure Point
39. The Match Makers
40. Rally 'Round The Bank
41. Bio-Rhythms
42. Quarantaine
44. Ride The Whirlwind
45. The Greatest Adventures
of CHiPs

23. Peaks and Valleys - 16 September 1978.

Guest appearances:
David Clover .... Medic #2
Troy Donahue .... Bob Niles
Richard Gates .... Stan Bosca
M.G. Kelly .... Himself
Peter Looney .... Rogers
Paul Mace .... Bernie
Pamela Norman .... Melanie (as Pam Norman)
Jack Rader .... Carl
Kaye Stevens .... Karen Niles
Martin West .... Lundsford

A couple trying to change places get stuck behind the wheel. The driver too much absorbed in looking at the entangled couple being pulled over, isn't watching where he's driving and goes over the side. This guy's truck caught fire. Two idiots having fun shooting up Baricza's cruiser.

A couple is trying to change place while driving and get stuck behind the wheel.

The driver of the motorhome behind them runs over the side when he's too much absorbed in looking at Jon pulling the entangled couple over.

Jon and Ponch are blamed for giving the driver a spinal injury when pulling him out of the car but they didn't. They have to prove their innocence.

Jon writing out a ticket to an old schoolmate. He offers him a job as salesman.

New mecanic Harlan has arrived and seems a bit odd.

Part of the CHP recruiting policy, Jon and Ponch have to give a motor demonstration to a group of hopefully new recruits.

Two idiots are having fun shooting up Baricza's car so they can read about it in the papers. Caught in the act by Baricza and Ponch, they go to jail instead.

Jon and Ponch on a night out at the disco, help a lady out who's water broke and is about to give birth.

24. The Volunteers - 23 September 1978.

Tige Andrews .... Charley Davis
Warren Berlinger .... Market Owner
Steve Brodie .... Sam
Katherine Cannon .... Robbie Davis
Mark Carlton .... Pete
Richard Collier .... Prisoner
Paul Comi .... Councilman
James Crittenden .... Leo
Maxine Elliott
Todd Everett .... Young Man
Rana Ford .... Jane Turner
Maxine Elliott Hicks .... Elderly Woman (as Maxine Elliott)
Bill McLaughlin .... Gabe
Lee Paul .... Police Chief
Paul Sorenson .... Superintendent
Anna Upstrom
Karen Wyeth .... Young Woman

Jon and Ponch escorting the convoy. Robbie Davis, the female truck driver. A multiple car pile up, preventing the trucks to go through. A tiger escapes from his cage...

Jon and Ponch volunteer to escort veteran truck driver Charlie Davis and his daughter Robbie on a 14-mile journey that could end in disaster at any second.

The cargo is unstable liquid chlorine and the obstacles include roads damaged by heavy rains, a multiple car pile up, an escaped tiger, a town that won?t permit the convoy to drive through, and their worst peril-hot, sunny weather that could cause the chlorine to explode with the force of nitroglycerine.

25. Family Crisis - 30 September 1978.

Danny Bonaduce .... Fred
Jack Carter .... Salesman
Joan Crosby .... Manager
Denise DuBarry .... Sue
Gene Dynarski .... Capt. Grube
Shell Kepler .... Gail
Leslie King .... Betsy
Christopher Knight .... Wes Miller
Michael Potter .... Detective
Don Stark .... Officer Allen

Jon's nephew Wes is influenced by his friends bad habits and takes part in stealing cars for a joy ride... . The CHP team having a drink with their partners and friends. The movie car using his special features to escape from the police. Sindy is determined to catch the movie car.

Jon's nephew starts stealing cars with some friends.

Ponch moves into a new apartment.

A movie car, designed with special features, is used for robbing banks. The CHP has a hard time catching it.

26. Disaster Squad - 7 October 1978.

Joshua Bryant .... Benson
Larry Gelman .... Becker
Liberty Godshall .... Ellen Roberts
Harvey Jason .... Lee
Nathan Jung .... Wrong-way Driver
Marvin Kaplan .... Hilmer Nelson
Cliff Osmond .... Michael
Regis Philbin .... Newscaster
Hinton Pope .... Starter
Paul L. Smith .... Announcer (as Paul Smith)
Christian Zika .... Chris

A television news crew - the Disaster Squad - edit a report to make it look as though Ponch had threatened them with violence. However, the reporter is forced to confess all during a later report when Jon and Ponch rescue a child from a river.

27. Neighbourhood Watch - 14 October 1978.

Shelley Berman
Mary Betten .... Waitress
Charlie Brill .... Tow Truck Driver
Samantha Caulfield .... Karen Wilkins
Lauri Hendler .... Robin
K.C. Martel .... Scott
Gabriel Melgar .... Donnie
Shirley O'Hara .... Elderly Woman (as Shirley O'Hara Nolan)
Robbie Rist .... Brian
Alan Sues .... Florist
Stephen Young .... Billings

Ponch and Jon have their hands full trying to deal with a persistent dangerous driver and a group of delinquent kids.

28. Trick or Treat - 21 October 1978.

Hal Baylor .... Reed
Edward Call .... Manager
Beatrice Colen .... Mary
Darryl Cooksey .... Skeleton
Jeff Cotler .... Allan
Justin Dana .... Tommy
John Dennis .... Collins
Gary Dubin .... Teenager
Brian Hairston .... Teenager/Skate Boarder (uncredited)
Elaine Joyce .... Susan
Hap Lawrence .... Truck Driver
Barbara Leigh .... Paula
Joseph G. Medalis .... Mr. Stone (as Joe Medalis)
Susan Page .... Julie
Jack Perkins .... Drunk
Bobby Porter .... Sammy
Fran Ryan .... Nancy
Jenny Sherman .... Karen
Brandi Tucker .... Child
Bobby Van .... Eddie

Ponch and Jon find themselves having to deal with a bewildering array of petty thefts and false alarms when on patrol during Halloween.

29. High Flyer - 4 November 1978.

Cynthia Bain .... Kim (as Cyndi Bain)
Grand L. Bush .... Paul (as Grand Bush)
John Ericson .... Bob Patterson
Harvey J. Goldenberg .... Mr. Affelrod
Jenilee Harrison .... L.A. Rams Cheerleader
Ty Henderson .... Tony
Vern Rowe .... Mr. Carter
David Roya .... Sammy (as David Roy Chandler)
Mary Louise Weller .... Carol
Lee de Broux .... Bates

Jon and Ponch attempt to catch a gang of thieves who have been stripping car parts from parked vehicles. And Ponch fakes illness in order to conceal his fear of flying.

30. The Grudge - 11 November 1978.

Dirk Blocker .... Turk
Tain Bodkin .... Workman
Luis Contreras .... Perez
Gloria Delaney .... Motorist
Damon Douglas .... Freddy
David Gilliam .... Chris
Dennis Kort .... Todd
Kay Peters .... Judge
Laura Sayer .... Linda
Chip Zien .... Davey

After arresting some frat brothers for cannabis possession, Ponch and Jon find themselves targets of a vendetta by the disgruntled students

31. The Sheik - 18 November 1978.

Joey Aresco .... Husband
Peter Ashton .... Servant
Chris Beaumont .... Ambulance Attendant
Colette Bertrand .... Michelle
William Bronder .... Workman
Jill Jaress .... Pregnant Woman
Anita Jodelsohn .... Suzanne
Maggie Malooly .... Irate Wife
Marianne Marks .... Fay
Kario Salem .... Barney
Dick Valentine .... Husband in car

Jon and Ponch pull over a speeding motorist who claims to have diplomatic immunity. When they subsequently accept an invitation to a party, they find themselves being offered bribes by their host.

32. Return of the Turks - 25 November 1978.

Newell Alexander .... Motorist
Loyita Chapel .... Blonde
Lanny Duncan .... Van Driver
Kaz Garas .... Sid
James Houghton .... Pete
Alyscia Maxwell .... Housewife
Nancy Sinclair .... Redhead
Tara Talboy .... Kathy
Mark Thomas .... Rudy
Dee Wallace-Stone .... Angie (as Dee Wallace)
John Wheeler .... Wally

After having trouble on the highway and wiping out a number of vehicles, terror becomes a game of highway bumper cars.

33. Supercycle - 2 December 1978.

Karen Carlson .... Sheila Evans
Jason Evers .... Gesslin
George O'Hanlon Jr. .... Roy Yarnell

Jon and Ponch pursue the Phantom - a motorcyclist who has been performing illegal stunts on the freeway using a souped-up superbike.

34. High Explosive - 9 December 1978.

Bucklind Beery .... Shorty
Marie Denn .... Receptionist
Ike Eisenmann .... Barry
Jonathan Goldsmith .... Stan Mallory
Rosanne Katon .... Mary
Ken Kercheval .... Dr. Faraday
Lynne Marta .... Beth
Steven Mond .... Boy
Steve Oliver .... Brad Holmes
F. William Parker .... Gus
Carol Vogel .... Mrs. Lasher
Robert Yuro .... Eddie

Jon and Ponch sort out an accident caused by a misguided youth with a pellet gun. And an ambulance driver steals a van and fills it with dynamite after being fired from his job.

35. Down Time - 16 December 1978.

Cynthia Brian
Burr DeBenning .... Bill Ross
Susan Kiger .... Brandy
Randi Oakes .... Kim

Ponch's firebird is stolen by an unlikely group of female thieves.

36. Repo Man - 6 January 1979.

Anna Berger .... Mary Taylor
Ned Glass .... Watchmaker
Mills Watson .... Doyle Ware

A ruthless collection agent plots to destroy Jon?s and Ponch?s credit ratings after they prevent him from harassing private citizens.

37. Mait Team - 13 January 1979.

Carmen Argenziano .... Borlov
Michael Bell .... Margolis
Eric Braeden .... Senator Larwin
Michael Christian .... Ken Thomas
Dan Ferrone .... Anderson
Scott Mulhern .... Doctor
Russell Shannon .... Citizen #1
Wonderful Smith .... DMV Supervisor
Peg Stewart .... Mrs. Harris
Lee Terri .... Barbara Daniels
Wade Wallace .... Construction Worker
Ingrid Wang .... Cheng

A car flies through a truck. Sindy is involved in a serious accident. The construction site where a witness saw the whole accident. Grossman brings Sindy a visit.

Jon and Ponch investigate when Sindy is blamed for a major accident which leaves her unconscious and 11 people dead.

38. Pressure Point - 20 January 1979.

Mary Crosby .... Chris (as Mary Frances Crosby)
Douglas Fowley .... Barney (as Douglas V. Fowley)
Michael Stearns .... Guard
Guy Stockwell .... Paul Everett
Tom Troupe .... Darrell Justin
Rudy Vallee .... Arthur Forbinger
David Wiley .... George Price

Jon and Ponch are assigned to protect a VIP and his daughter.

39. The Matchmakers - 27 January 1979.

Marc Baxley .... Paramedic
Jerry Boyd .... Trucker
Hal Frederick .... Animal Control Officer
Jenny O'Hara .... Cora Gilford
Judy Penrod .... Doreen Evans
Gregory Walcott .... Derk
Danny Wells .... Phil Davies

Cora is sad, in a few days she will lose her home to a building company. She has no idea where to go with her animals. So she decides to commit suicide and drives her car into a lake. Jon and Ponch and Sindy try to help her after hearing her story.

Officer Derk only has one week before going on pension so he starts some crazy actions and Sgt. Getraer isn?t very pleased about that.

An private investigator tries two times to kidnap a little girl from her mother. Derk, Jon and Ponch can frustrate his plans.

After a few days Jon and Ponch get the idea to bring Derk and Cora together. And their plan work. Cora and Derk become a couple. Derk allows her to bring all animals with her.

40. Rally 'Round the Bank - 3 February 1979.

Frank Ashmore .... Larry Fletcher
Gloria Delaney .... Pam Benson
Denise DuBarry .... Sue
Frances Fong .... 1st Teller
Ron Hajek .... Richard Moore
Fenton Jones .... Caller
Tiger Joe Marsh .... 1st Mover
Linda McCullough .... Janice
Anna Navarro .... Mrs. Poncherello
Markie Post .... Roberta
Jaime Rogers .... Dancer
Karen Specht .... Jessica Bond
Al Stellone .... 2nd Mover
K.C. Winkler .... Marie Stockwood

A series of robberies at drive-in bank windows is frustrating the CHP - especially Jon and Ponch, who unsuccesfully chased the bandit?s car three times. The thieves have joined a 150-car road rallye that enables their vehicles to elude the police. Meanwhile, Ponch gets a surprise visit from his mom, who refuses to tell him the reason for her trip.

41. Bio-Rhythms - 17 February 1979.

Tige Andrews .... Charley
Michael Baseleon .... Murray Thomas
Steve Brodie .... Sam
Katherine Cannon .... Robbie Davis
Michael Conrad .... Karl Maddox
Bruce Kimball .... Rocky
Jeff Maxwell .... Motorist
Georgia Schmidt .... Little Old Lady

Robbie Davis (known from The Volunteers) is in trouble again. Someone attacks her trucks and the drivers lives. Jon and especially Ponch try to help.

42. Quarantine - 24 February 1979.

Danny Goldman .... Dr. Bosca
Linda Lawrence .... Lori
William Long Jr. .... Nesset
Luis Moreno .... Driver
Taaffe O'Connell .... Crystal
Tom Poston .... Bill Conner
Jody St. Michael .... Wiley
Cary Wong .... Lee (as Carey Wong)

The sick Asian boy The doctor placing Centrale under quarantine The multi-personality man This guy tried to steal gas from a moped

Central HQ has to be quarantined after a boy is brought in suffering from a mysterious disease.

43. CHP-BMX - 3 March 1979.

Kirk Calloway .... Danny
Marc Gilpin .... Timmy Getraer
Henry Olek .... Dutch
Jackie Vernon .... Man

Jon and Sindy are training a BMX team for kids. Ponch takes care for a young boy who vandalizes in his school. He wants to see him in the BMX team.

The sergeants son has an bad accident, Joe feels guilty for that. It confuses him so much that he makes bad mistakes at work.

44. Ride the Whirlwind - 10 March 1979.

Maray Ayres .... Sheila
Allen Case .... Walter Dunlap
Robert Donner .... Coby
Peggy Doyle .... Rancher Woman
Chester Grimes .... Chico
Kitty Hilton .... Janice
Paul Koslo .... Verne
Eric Lawson .... Harry
Jenny Neumann .... Lady Biker

Sindy, Jon and Ponch go in search of some outlaw bikers.

45. The Greatest Adventures of CHiPs - 12 May 1979.

Jon and Ponch are away to Bakersfield. The Sarge and their fellows home at the Central have some remembers to the past two years. The two heros shall be honored with a special price.