The Cast

Character Bios

Officer Jonathan Baker

Played by Larry Wilcox. Jon is very sportive. He is a certified flight instructor and has a degree as bowling instructor. He also plays tennis, handball, jet skiing, volleyball, sky diving, skate boarding, hang gliding, but most of all he likes horseback riding (has his own horse 'Old Grey') and calf roping.

He is an excellent motorcyclist and takes his job very serious. He knows his responsibilities and can handle a leading position. Very brave and courageous. Has a clean record and works hard to keep it that way. Can drive many vehicles, loves animals and is good with kids.

Jon likes dating and riding his horse 'Old Grey'. He is very tidy and likes clean and fresh air but he he hates hospitals. A trait of his : Adjusting his belt and pulling his gloves.

Officer Francis Llewellyn Poncherello

Played by Erik Estrada. Ponch as Jon is also very sportive and wants to try out everything at least once. He loves dancing and dating. Some of the sports he practices are: drag racing, basket ball, Karate (black belt), roller skating, square dancing, volley ball, sky diving, race driving.

He is a great motocyclist and a good cop. He is very charming and caring and has an adorable smile. He is great with kids.

Ponch unlike Jon is a risk taker and doesn't do things by the book. He has little respect for materials and this causes wreckage to his motorcycle and to his uniform now and then. Finds it hard to follow orders and has disobeyed them more than once. Is really bad at keeping his first 'apartment', his mobile home, clean.

He loves junkfood and snacks, especially Ding Dongs. He's also very proud of his car, a Pontiac Trans Am firebird which he bought for $83 from a man on the streets who was setting it on fire. The car has been through some rough times while in possesion of Ponch. From being stolen and flipped over totalling it to completely burning out and pierced by a forklift. Yet it always gets rebuilt and painted over again by Ponch and with help from his colleagues. Loves his mom deeply.

Ponch doesn't like taking the desk, instructing female trainees, filling out reports and other paperwork. And doesn't look forward to getting another speech from Sgt. Getraer. A trait of his: Flashing his pearly white teeth.

Sergeant Joseph Getraer

His wife Betty Getraer

Played by Robert Pine. Joe Getraer is the main sergeant of CHP Central. He is very strict but fair and cares a great deal for his policeofficers. Every morning he holds a briefing to inform his officers about new crime waves and gives out special assignments when neccesary. He drives a motorcycle but is mostly seen behind his desk. He is married to his wife Betty and they have 3 children, Ellen, Timmy and baby Christopher. He loves plants, squaredancing and is very sportive. Whenever his men go out for an evening bowling, basketbal or some other event, he will always come along. He will pull any string possible when one of his officers gets into trouble and visits them in hospital when they have an accident. He gets a lot of respect from his officers and they won't hesitate to do the same for him.

Officer Barry Baricza

Played by Brodie Greer. "Bear" as he is usually called by his fellow officers patrols around in a policecruiser and is a fine and good officer. He is single and likes to go parachute jumping when he's off duty. He lost his partner Steve in a hit and run accident that left him deeply injured. He's been in some hairy situations that required him to keep a cool head. Yet when he's about to lose control in a fight with a kid who masters a degree in karate, he draws his gun and this helps him to arrest the guy after a long and hard struggle. He was the only cop who pulled his gun during the entire series. He is good buddies with all of his colleagues and doesn't hesitate to join them on an evening night out.

Officer Arthur Grossman


Played by Paul Linke. "Artie" Grossman is a motor cop, called 7 Mary 5. He has some problems with his weight (Crash Diet) and always get the mock of the others. So they don?t see what a great dude he can be. Grossie writes articles for the CHP magazine "Highway Patrol Man". One of his theories is the key to clear up a bad accident, Bonnie had. He is a great collegue to the others and always gets together with them after work.

Officer Gene Fritz

Gene Fritz

Played by Lew Saunders. Not much is know about Fritz. He is brave, a good friend to his collegues and he has won the Bowling Competion with Bear. Fritz is a "cruiser cop". He's married and his wife was pregnant in 'One Two Many'.

Officer Cindy Cahill

Sindy Cahill

Played by Brianne Leary. Sindy is a young officer full of energy and never avoids a chance to fight for the rights of the female CHP officers. She likes motorcross very much and has a hard discussion with Getraer before he allows her to go on a special patrol on a crossmotorbike with Jon and Ponch. She always tries to help where she can, so she plays Jon?s girlfriend when a young girl has a crush on him, and makes a match between Cora and Derk, two lonesome people (The Matchmaker). Most of the fans wanted to see her as Bears girlfriend (fanficton)

Officer Jebediah Turner

Played by Michael Dorn. Jeb Turner drives a cruiser like Bonnie and Fritz. He is a great guy, always there to help and a good friend to Baricza who nearly caused an accident with him. Turner is a quiet officer but his fellow officers can count on him for 100%.

Officer Bonnie Clark

Played by Randi Oakes. Bonnie has a hot temperament and often goes her own ways. When she believes something happened, it?s hard to tell her the truth (Dynamite Alley). She has a heart of corn and takes care for the ones who need help. When the Sergeant is treatened by an old enemy, Bonnie gives the whole family a new home in her flat. One day she gets an offer to take part in a private stunt show. The Sarge helps her to make the right decision.

Officer Steve McLeish

Played by Bruce Jenner. Steve is only seen for a few episodes in CHiPs. We learn that he is very rich and does not hesitate to show it. He is a handsome, tall officer and very freehanded to other people. Rides with Jon.

Officer Bobby Nelson

Played by Tom Reilly. Bobby is Ponch?s new partner in Season 6. He also has a hot temperament and is called "Hot Dog" (hm...Jon called Ponch also Hot Dog). But he does not fit to Ponch like Jon did and before the Season was over he was replaced as Ponchs partner with Bruce Nelson, his little brother.

Officer Bruce Nelson

Played by Bruce Penhall. We see Bruce first in the episode "Speedway Fever". As a professional speedway driver, Bruce decided to become a CHP cadet. So speedway racing became his hobby. He always has a smile on his lips and is a good friend to his fellow officers. Even though he is younger, he seems to be more routed on the soil than his brother Bobby.

Officer Kathy Linahan

Played by Tina Gayle. Kathy is a pretty and brave officer. She never comes to the fore but is also always there for her collegues.

Officer Ben Webster

Played by Clarence Gilyard Jr. Not much is known about Ben, he is a quiet guy and we don?t learn much about his hobbies or life.

Harlan Arliss

Harlan's dog Dave

Played by Lou Wagner. Harlan is the CHP Central mecanic. He can work miracles if necessary but when Ponch yet again crashes his bike and brings it in for repairs, even Harlan shakes his head in despair.
His life-long dream is to be a CHP...but he's two inches short of the height requirement. Harlan is very inventive, he received an award for the creation of a special motorcycle or as he calls it 'Supercycle'.
He has a beautiful dog named Dave. Likes playing chess. Is very neat and tidy. Keeps his garage spotless.